La Wantzenau Golf Course has a Golf School that is highly regarded in Strasbourg, and the surrounding region! More than 170 young people, aged 4 to 18, participate from September to July!

With regards to results, our Golf School is currently ranked 8th nationally (out of 462 listed) in the National Golf Schools Challenge. Furthermore, it was ranked 38th in the FFG Performance Merit in 2019. This attests to the good performance and positive sporting results  achieved in our training organization.

Working groups are set up at the start of each session depending on the age, gender and level of the children participating. Teachers can thus provide quality training and best meet the expectations and needs of your children. Classes take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays (excluding school holidays) both in the morning and in the afternoon, depending on the group concerned.



Baby-Golf* - Child of Member or Subsciber


Baby-Golf* - Child of Non-Member


Golf School** - Child of Member or Subsciber


Golf School** - Child of Non-Member




Elites 2 and Elites Girls


Elites 1


*Starting from 4 years
**Starting from 7 years